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Pham Duy (web site)

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Khi download ban nhac, dat ban nhac mot cai ten moi voi 2 chu cuoi xxxxxx.rm .  Thi du:  conmuaha_Lnt.ram doi thanh conmuaha_Lnt.rm. Ban nhac download se phai lon hon 200kb.  Quy vi se nghe duoc am thanh tot hon cua Real G2.

Ao anh sut chi duong ta (Huu Loan - Pham Duy) Thai Thanh (download for G2)
Ba me Gio Linh (Pham Duy) Thai Thanh (download for G2)
Duong Em Di (Pham Duy) Tran Thai Hoa (download for G2)
Giong song xanh (NNQ - Pham Duy) Thai Thanh   (download)
Ky niem (Pham Duy) Thai Thanh  (download)
Ky vat cho em (Hoang Linh Phuong - Pham Duy) Thai Thanh (download)
Mong du (Pham Duy) Nhu Quynh  (download)
Ngay xua HoangThi( Pham Duy) Thai Thanh
Nghin trung xa cach (Pham Duy_) Thai Thanh (download)
Nguoi ve (Pham Duy ) Thai Thanh (download)
Phuong yeu (Pham Duy) Thai Thanh (download)
Tinh ca (Pham Duy) Thai Thanh (download)
Tinh cam (Hoang Cam - Pham Duy) Thai Thanh (download)
Tim nhau (Pham Duy) Thai Thanh (download)
Tinh hoai huong (Pham Duy_) Thai Thanh (download)

Con duong tinh ta di (Nguyen Tat Nhien - Pham Duy) Khanh Ly (download)
Tinh que huong (Pham Duy) Khanh Ly (download)
Ben xuan (Van Cao - Pham Duy) Khanh Ly (download)
Ngay do chung minh ( Pham Duy_) Khanh Ly (download)
Que ngheo (Pham Duy) Khanh Ly   (download)
Ben cau bien gioi (Pham Duy) Khanh Ly (download)
Nuoc mat roi-Pham Duy-Khanh Ly (download)

Giot mua tren la (Pham Duy) Hop ca (download)

Bao gio biet tuong tu (Ngoc Chanh - Pham Duy) Dalena 
Chieu ve tren song (Pham Duy) Hoa Tau (download)
Dung pha vo an tinh (NNQ - Pham Duy) Y Lan (download)
Hai nam tinh lan dan (Nguyen Tat Nhien - Pham Duy) My Huyen - Thai Chau 
Kiep nao co yeu nhau (Minh Duc Hoai Trinh - Pham Duy) Lam Nhat Tien (download)
Tinh khuc tren chien truong (Ngo Dinh Van - Pham Duy ) Tuan Ngoc (download)
Ve Mien Trung (Pham Duy) Le Thu  (download G2)


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Trinh Cong Son

Tat ca cac ban nhac "khong duoc link" co the Download @ KaZaA

Bien nho (Trinh Cong Son) Bao Yen
Ca dao me (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ly   
Cat bui (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ly 
Cat bui - Tinh xa (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ha  
Chi co ta trong cuoc doi (Trinh Cong Son) Duy Quang (download)
Chieu mot minh qua pho (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ha   (download)
Cho nhin que huong sang choi (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ly   
Cuoi cung cho mot tinh yeu (Trinh Cong Son) Kieu Nga   (download)
Dau chan dia dang ( Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ly (download)
Dem thay ta la thac do (Trinh Cong Son) Duy Quang   (download)
Diem xua (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ly (download)
Duong nhu niem tuyet vong (Trinh Cong Son) Vu Khanh   (download)
Duong xa van dam (Trinh Cong Son) Le Thu    (download)
Em hay ngu di (Trinh Cong Son) Vu Khanh   (download)
Hat tren nhung xac nguoi (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ly    (download)
Hue Saigon Hanoi (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ly (download)
Hoa vang may do (Trinh Cong Son) Lam Nhat Tien   
Huyen thoai me (Trinh Cong Son) Giao Linh    (download)
Nguyet ca (Trinh Cong Son) Y Lan    
Nhu canh vac bay (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ly (download)
Ru em tung ngon xuan nong (Trinh Cong Son) Ngoc Lan   
Tieng hat Da Lan (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ly (download)
Toi oi dung tuyet vong (Trinh Cong Son) Le Thu
Tuong rang da quen (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ly   (download)
Uot mi (Trinh Cong Son) Khanh Ha     (download)
Van co em ben doi (Trinh Cong Son) Y Lan   

Con ai co ai (Trinh Cong Son) Carol Kim Download @ KaZaA
Cuoi cung cho mot tinh yeu (Trinh Cong Son) Kieu Nga Download @ KaZaA
Hoa xuan ca (Trinh Cong Son) Lan Ngoc
Nang thuy tinh (Trinh Cong Son) Mai Linh
Ngau nhien (Trinh Cong Son) Mai Linh Download @ KaZaA

Thao luan ve TCS

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Dem thay ta la thac do(Trinh Cong Son)My Linh video Download @ KaZaA
Duong xa van dam(Trinh Cong Son)Hong Nhung video Download @ KaZaA
Em hay ngu di(Trinh Cong Son)My Linh  videoDownload @ KaZaA
Dung lua doi nhau(Y Van) Y Lan (download) video
(download) video
Ngay Ve (Canh Han) Hoang Giac Download @ KaZaA video
Nhung neo duong Viet Nam (download) Video

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Nu Ca Si

Bien nho (Trinh Cong Son) Bao Yen
Giot buon khong ten (Phi Nhung) (dwl
Dep giac mo hoa.  Mai Huong tho Thanh Nam Download @ KaZaA
Hoa xuan ca (Trinh Cong Son) Lan NgocDownload @ KaZaA
Khuc hat chieu mo (Mai Huong) Download @ KaZaA
May nhip cau tre--Thanh Tuyen Download @ KaZaA
Nang thuy tinh (Trinh Cong Son) Mai Linh
Ngay Ve (Le Dung) Hoang Giac 
On nghia sinh thanh (Duong Thieu Tuoc) Giao Linh
Saigon Cam Khuc (Dang Xuan Thin va Tran Chi Phuc) Thai Hien  Download @ KaZaA
Suoi Toc (Thai Thao) 
Tu giong hat em (Khanh Ha) 


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Nam Ca Si

Con chut gi de nho (Anh Dung-Pham Duy)  
Di ve phia mat troi. Duy Khanh
Duong Em Di (Pham Duy) Tran Thai Hoa 
Ngay Ve (Canh Han) Hoang Giac
(download) video
Tiec mot nguoi.  Si Phu 
Thuyen Trang Tuan Vu  
Trieu doa hoa hong  NNQ  Don Ho  (Download)
Shalala   (Download)

Lich Su: BBC, RFA, VOA

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